Transportation Technology Ventures (TTV) is a seed venture capital fund and business accelerator focusing on innovation in the Transportation Industry.  Transportation is one of the oldest and largest businesses in the world and greatly in need of innovative solutions that improve safety, reduce congestion, energy usage and pollution, increase efficiency and resource utilization, provide entertainment, and reduce costs.  

A combination of recent technology shifts and emerging consumer trends – internet connected cars, vehicle to vehicle communications, crowd sourcing and resource sharing – have opened up a world of new opportunities for innovation in Transportation.  TTV aims to generate superior returns for its investors by providing the funding and resources needed to establish new innovative businesses that capitalize on these new opportunities.

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Gen-Y customers want connected, “smarter” cars and fuel efficiency

Cars will talk to each other and infrastructure like traffic lights and roads

Your car will be an extension of your phone

Transportation & other infrastructure like parking will be much more interconnected than it is today.